In my major project during my Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I designed a cutting-edge system that integrates voice commands through Google Assistant to control home appliances seamlessly. This innovative project enables users to interact with the Google Assistant, issuing commands that directly influence the operation of household devices such as bulbs, fans, and motors. Leveraging the power of voice recognition technology, the system establishes a bridge between user instructions and smart home appliances, offering a convenient and efficient means of home automation. The project not only showcases the intersection of electrical engineering and emerging technologies but also provides a practical solution for enhancing the smart home experience through intuitive voice control.

In this innovative minor project undertaken during my Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, we successfully crafted a Voice-Controlled Robot Car using Arduino technology. This project represents a fusion of cutting-edge electronics and practical application, enabling wireless control of the robotic car through voice commands initiated by the user. The robot exhibits seamless movements, capable of both forward and backward motion, showcasing the integration of advanced technology to enhance user interaction and control. This project not only underscores our technical prowess but also demonstrates the potential for user-friendly, hands-free control mechanisms in the field of robotics.

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