Why Most of the People Prefers Windows OS Over Mac OS or Linux?

Choosing the correct operating system is a major concern as it is considered to be the backbone of any operating system. Without it, the user and system cannot interact. It acts as a mediator between the both, there are a variety of operating systems available in the market ranging from different cost, security, work interface, smooth functioning, and all. Some of the most used operating systems are Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux. People use them according to their will but which one is the best and the most used is the question. So before deep-diving into the popularity of these operating systems, let’s talk about these three OS in brief.

  1. Windows OS – Windows is a series of operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft. It was released on 28 November 1985 there are total 9 versions of it since beginning. It is a graphical operating system. It is ruling the desktop market ever since 1995 and so. Windows 10 is the most popular version of the Windows operating system with about 78% of market share as of March 2021. It is pre-installed too
  2. Mac OS – Another graphical operating system developed and marketed by Apple since 2001. It was formerly known as all as ‘OS X’. It is the primary operating system for the Apple’s computer. It is the second most widely used operating system after windows. The market share is around 9.54%. It is expensive and it’s preinstalled only in Mac computers.
  3. Linux – It is a family of open source Unix -Like Operating system. It was released on 17th September 1991 by Linus Torvalds. It is a highly customizable operating system and is used mainly in server farms.Windows operating system is definitely more popular choice among the three of them, 80% of computer users uses windows. Let’s look at some factors so to why Windows operating system attracts many users
  4. Popularity – Windows OS is more familiar to the people rather than any other OS. Almost every computer user has used windows at some point in their life. Windows Make compatibility and collaborates with other organization which helps it in smooth functioning. Most of the people grew up with this operating system so they fairly know how to use it. Windows operating system is the dominant operating system in the marketplace.
  5. More software – Windows operating system has a huge selection of software available for its platform as compared to any other operating systems. This benefit the users to get to choose from a variety of options, creating a healthy competition for users where software developers really have to push themselves to Produce the best program possible. People have developed a habit of using Microsoft Office, Adobe, that they feel hard to run it in any other operating systems. Windows OS also has better manufacturers driven support. It is a better application to use.
  6. GUI Support – When windows emerged wait GUI in its operating system the popularity off windows increased. It helps the window users because the user has to work without worrying about the commands. Windows from the beginning have a large market share indoor operating system, it was over 90% in 1994.
  7. User-friendly – Windows is as easy to use rather than any other operating systems. No one wants to write a command in order to do a task when it can be clearly done with few clicks. The user interface of windows is better than any other OS, it is designed in such a way that one can adjust to it easily without having any problems. On the other hand, Linux and Mac OS are not that user friendly. If there are some issues regarding any windows query that tech geeks have cleared it out all in the internet.
  8. Cost – When a user choose an operating system cost is a critical factor to look after all because it is not only about the cost but also if the operating system contains compatible hardware and feature partly to contribute to the final bill. Other developers such as Apple, charge a lot for a device that preforms slightly better or neck to neck with Windows OS.
  9. Productivity – Commonly, many companies Uses Windows operating system for doing their task on a daily basis. It is easier to prepare reports, graphics call mom and PowerPoint presentations with the help of Ms word, Ms excel, Adobe, and other products. The alternative is there in Linux and Mac OS but they don’t have as much feature as the windows OS has.
  10. Used largely in Training and Schools- Almost every student has used and learned from windows in the school or training institutes. Mac OS and Linux pay high salary to the instructor so it is not possible for every institute to conduct using these OS. This is why windows OS is followed up by almost everyone. Windows OS is also used in the industry standard for 3D graphics. Games are also another thing to which windows OS is popular the support on windows OS is super smooth and great which is in favor of gamers.
  11. Pre-installed OS – Windows OS is preinstalled and genuine. That is they are fully licensed, activated wait for Microsoft so people can trust it. Marketing and advertising of the Windows operating system are also high.


Finally, it is up to the users to what they use but as we can see windows OS is the most preferable OS to Linux or Mac OS.

– Shivani Sharma

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