Which Is the Best Processor Qualcomm or Hisilicon Kirin?

Qualcomm Invest breakthrough technologies and products that Field the invention age the Qualcomm. Snapdragon mortgage platforms include our most efficient mobile processors built to enable immersive experiences lightning-fast connectivity and cutting-edge performance. Snapdragon is really fast as well as energy-efficient it will turn your phone into a small miracle. Welcome Snapdragon mobile platform and LTE modem support breathtaking speed jaw-dropping graphics ultra fasting connectivity and longer battery life. There are 23 different Snapdragon processors under the 204 hundred 607 hundred and the 800 product families spanning from low to high end respectively as well as Wi-Fi and mobile charging products some of their components include the added new graphics processing the column hexagon DSP and processor using QUALCOMM’s As for processor architecture.

Hisilicon is a Chinese fabless semiconductor company based in Shenzhen Guangdong and wholly-owned by Huawei. It is reputed to be the largest domestic designer of integrated circuits in China. only Huawei uses Kirin processor, strong power consumption, control powerful data processing ability. They all are SoC brands designed by a different company. Kirin is SoC designed by Hisilicon.  Hisilicon’s processor is based on the arm CPU architecture unlike apple has Hisilicon doesn’t create customized CPU designs based on the ARM architecture.

Snapdragon processor to the top of the Android ecosystem. This position is less secure with the rollout of 5G as Kirin bulked up on  Patents for both consumer and industry 5G technologies putting the two on another collision course.  Snapdragon has better developer support while Kirin has a fancy neural processing unit that helps in AI Android is yet to fully support AI so at present, it is nothing more than pub trivia here there is no competition as Snapdragon has various processes for different uses cases while Kirin has just recycled the previous generation flagships processor.


CPU configuration is the first major difference between the Snapdragon 888 and Kirin 9000 both processors are Octa-core chipsets with the same 1 + 3 + 4 CPU core arrangements however save for the four cortex A 55 efficiency cores the rest are different. The Kirin 9000 may be Huawei’s most powerful chipset but its prime codes are Generation Cortex A77 cores. Compared to the prime core of the Snapdragon 888 which is the cortex X one and its performance cores, cortex a 78 codes, the Kirin 9000 has some catching up to do even though all of its cores are clocked higher. According to arm, The cortex a 78 offers a 20% improvement in performance over cortex eh 77 while the cortex X1 offers a 30% improvement in performance over the cortex a 77 when it comes to the performance task the Snapdragon 888 should take the need however for tasks relegated to the efficiency course the Kirin 9000 should be faster due to the course higher clock speed overall performance should show the Snapdragon 888 taking the lead.


Qualcomm’s may have won the CPU category but the Kirin 9000 is the winner when it comes to the GPU the Adreno 660 is said to bring a 35% increase in the performance over the previous generation but provide claims its Mali G78 GPU boasts a 52% increase in performance over QUALCOMM’s last-generation GPU which is present inside the Snapdragon 865 plus. The Benchmark result indeed showed that the GPU  in Kirin is not a joke. It scores 6261 points on the GPU benchmark app 3D mark leaving the Adreno 650 GPU of the Snapdragon 865 plus with a score of 4286 points in the dust the Adreno 660 to do significantly better we doubt it will be able to outsource the Mali -G 78.


The Snapdragon 888 comes with a new hexagon 780 AI engine that boasts 226 tops in performance the Kirin 9000 also features a powerful cheat code NB you and currently sits at the top of the AI benchmark table QUALCOMM’s processors is yet to get done small but the semiconductor company promises big gains.   it remains to be seen if it can challenge the Kirin 900. The Kirin 9000 and 888 definitely bring a huge improvement to the processor, especially in the Android ecosystem.  The Snapdragon 888 wins in terms of CPU performance while the Kirin 9000 seems to have better GPU and AI capabilities. However, there are other factors to consider such as power efficiency, where the Kirin 9000 already does excellent.


Kirin and Qualcomm come are in closer competition than ever. Both are equally good. However, they have their individual strengths the sum of which determines which of them is the most powerful one so until there is an in-depth device-to-device comparison we can’t say which processor is the clear winner.


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