What if You Are One of the Luckiest People on the Earth for One Day-part1?

Some people appear to have an inexplicable abundance of true fortune. They are a success in topics of love, of their careers, of their finances, and in main glad and significant lives. Yet those human beings don’t appear to paintings mainly hard, nor do they posses high-quality intelligence or different gifts. Of route there also are the herbal opposites of the super fortunate; folks who time and again fail notwithstanding their efforts and talents. People try to deal with this difficult-to-quantify disparity by giving it a name—“luck”— and then denying any responsibility for how much of it they are allotted, as they do with so many other human difficulties. Many people believe that luck is a natural force that comes and goes like the tide.

Optimistic man or woman is a long way greater glad with all regions in their lives than an unfortunate, pessimistic man or woman. An optimist feels fortunate for recognizing a silver lining, but grey the cloud⁠—but a pessimist will curse their success even withinside the face of true fortune, due to the fact they could’t see beyond the inexperienced grass on the opposite aspect of the fence.Fortunately, one’s attitude is incredibly inside one’s control. An unfortunate man or woman who resolves to extrade their success can turn out to be greater social; they could make a aware attempt to be constructive and make the great of any situation; and that they may be greater open to new thoughts and experiences. In short, in case you pass searching out success, you’ll possibly locate it⁠.

Luck controls a considerable part of our life. More than we think it does. We have no idea how many times a mere bit of luck saved us from the hands of death. With a tiny bit of luck, a less deserving candidate may be able to snatch a job from a worthy candidate. Luck is indeed a tremendous power. But with power comes great responsibility. As one of the luckiest people on Earth, they would have the capacity to utilize it to benefit for both good and bad. On the one hand, they could use their power to use it for the betterment of society. But on the other hand, they could use it to satisfy their wishes or at worse turn greedier than before. Therefore, it entirely depends on how one utilizes this enormous power.

To quote the Dalai Lama, sometimes not getting what you want is a beautiful stroke of luck. But so is getting something that we want. If I were the luckiest person on Earth, I would easily win lotteries. This is purely controlled by ‘chance’ or, as one would say, luck. Hence, all the money that I could win would be put into charitable causes. After all, wealth has no meaning until and unless it is used for good. Every day, millions of people go to sleep with an empty stomach or lack basic amenities that we have in abundance. With all the money I would win, I would use it to help to foster a little group of kids and take care of their basic needs and, if possible, even their primary education.

Some people believe that returns from the stock market are an outcome of one’s analytical skills. For a long-term investment, luck may seem a very dull factor to be associated with returns. But from a short term perspective, luck plays a massive role. Intra-day returns and market swings heavily rely on chance or, somewhat, ‘luck’. Stock trading is essentially a betting game. Stocks recovering or their prices going up or down is purely an act of randomness. This is because the people build the market. Hence stock prices are a function of investor sentiments and emotions.

Being the luckiest person on Earth gives me a chance to convert all my investments into attractive returns. Luck can favour us at most unexpected times. When you are about to give up on something, or no solution comes up, luck becomes the only driving force. Start-up success hugely depends on luck. This is because being lucky allows you to capitalize on the environment or the resources you already have. Managing a start-up requires making lots of decisions. Some decisions may lead you to failure, and some may help you be on the right path towards success. Another factor that is governed by luck is timing. We never know what may be the right time to do something.

If the outcome is good enough, we label it as the correct timing. But once again, luck plays a significant role here. Being lucky allows me to streamline all my decisions into the pool of success. It’s preferable to be lucky than intelligent.” “In life, you create your own luck.” “Some people are simply born lucky.” Most of us could use a little luck — at work, in our careers, in our investments — in an atmosphere typified by rising tensions and lowered expectations.

-Diksha Rajpal

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