What if British Never Ruled India?

As we all know India had confronted many invaders from ancient times to the present, but Britishers had sanctioned our India for a blond time, they ruled India for about 200years, before the British era India was called a golden bird all over the world.

Firstly Britishers established their business on the edge of Hugli reaver Kolkata, on that time India was too different and there were huge exemptions for foreign traders to establish a business in India.

Here we can understand by some points if the British never ruled India then what would happen.

Impact on Industries

In the 16th to 17th century India was a major economic power, India’s major exports like crops, spices, huge trading and textile business were running, but the Britishers destroyed the whole textiles business, they were buying raw materials from the Indian market at a cheap price also making their product in England by clothes machines and selling their clothes at elevated prices in the Indian market.

After periodically introduced the clothes making appliances in India, they were offering employment to Indian people in the clothes industry at a very cheap salary payment and this was very inexpensive compare to England citizens salaries, their main purpose was to earn profit from the textile enterprise, this caused India became economically weak and unstable, and also craftsmen won’t be able to compare in the international market and India’s textile business was destroyed, who at one time was an exporter that had become the only importer. If the British never ruled India then maybe today could have been the largest exporter in the textile industry.

Wealth and Natural Resources

When Britishers came to India their purpose was only to pursue and trade but glimpsing to Indian prosperity, they were trying to be the absolute power of the country, in 1701 the shares of India in the global economy was 23.4% and it had become approx 4% after independence in 1950, Bharat was called a “golden bird” of Asia Kohinoor diamond, so many golds it was India’s perspective property.

Britishers took about 4million pounds of wealth from India yearly from the natural resources, they only used India for their profit. if the British never ruled India it could have been the richest country without any destruction.

Impact in Agriculture

Replacement of landowners and world war II:-During the ruling era, Britishers dominated and captured Indian agriculture, those farmers who farm the seasonal crops and ensure their survival, were employed for farming tobacco, opium, oilseeds, and cotton, etc, their whole purpose was to take out the profit from it and to sell it on the international market.

The Britishers took over the former landowners’ lands and they made fresh landowners, increased the taxes, several types of taxes in every business even the tax was so high for farmers and landowners they could not be able to pay taxes and the situation was going terrible. On the other hand in a world war, II India has not involved even then also about 2million Indian people had sent for the war, during the war Bengal and Bihar all food reserves had sent for soldiers and its consequences were horrible many people in their state had died due to salvation.

Hence we can say if British rule never exist neither the agriculture would have been affected, neither the land and farmers nor the soldiers would have died.

Destruction of Social Culture

The Britishers made us weak not only economically but socially, they tried to make our culture destroy and however they succeed. In ancient times India had gurukuls and we come into view of dhoti kurtas, but they introduced us to western culture base schools and till now we are studying western culture studies. if the Britishers would not come to India then maybe today we continue our gurukuls.


Every rule has some goods and bad, some say English rule was good and some say British rule was a very terrible moment for India. While going Britishers had divided our India into two parts and changed the whole geographical condition, 1947th slaughter was the unforgettable moment in the history of our India, on the other hand, the first Parliament election, railways and airline facilities were introduced by the British Empire.

-Tarun Kumar

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