What Happens if Google Shut Downs for One Day?

In this technological and fast vitality, if we want to research something we instantly open our browser home page and start searching, there are various web browsers available nowadays, there are such examples of browsers like google, yahoo, bing, duck go etc, are available for providing services.

Browsers are the interface between client and server, Google is the topmost required and nicest web browser in the internet market, hardly we find anyone will not use google browser at present. It requests the fastest service for subordinates, there are hundreds of applications that run under Google which Google has provided us lots of facilities for example for money banking through the internet they provided us with the Google pay applications, for mapping the road they provided Google maps, for storing data and stuff we have Google Drive, etc, and many applications exist, we don’t know their name but they contain.

All browsers have their good characteristics also some bad sides exist about google, here we can see through some points that what happens if google shut down for one day.

1. Google has been shut down two times before, the first incident happened in 2013 and then in 2019, which causes the 40% of the internet traffic has belonged downward, more than a half-million dollars revenue loss they confronted for the 5mins server crisis, it could be having additional than 1.5billion dollars for 1day, also google earns a huge profit through the advertisement business that will similarly come to the point of marginal loss.

2. There will happen a huge financial loss of numerous organisations that have invested in and are entirely dependent on google if once google shuts down, the google home page will show an error and as we know some applications like YouTube, Gmail, and google maps which are united with google, will stop running and will show a misconception, Google maps are very useful for cab companies, Gmail application is necessary for official companies, for content creator YouTube will not work, we can’t even run the application, and will not be able to watch any content which they provided us and this cause a huge financial loss to numerous organisations, and we endure massive economic crises.

3. If Google will shut down for one day the rest of the browser or search engine will aim to grab the place of Google, and some browsers will attain, as we know google profit margin will affect, the productivity rate will get low. On the other hand, there will happen an enormous controversy on social media and news.


Google employees will defy some difficulty, all phones might be blocked because most Android system is managed by the google company servers, this cause we will see an increasing number and large demand of IOS smartphone devices, without Google 70% of the world population will not use the Internet as a result television demand will also increase. In this temporary tech life, neither the browsers are permanent nor the applications, we should not be a pendant on one application or browser, we should use a varied search engine at a time because the more we depend on one search engine the other more we exterior the crises.

-Tarun Kumar

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