Treasure Tourism of Mcleodganj



                                                Mcleodganj is located in Dharamasala  of Himachal. Mcleodganj is also known as Little Lhasa, It is due to living of Tibetians here .Mcleodganj  is at a height of 2,082 meters  approximate over the Dhauladhar Range. This place explore the history of British. Instantly, British viceroy declared it as Summer Capital of India , because of the beauty of its surroundings. And also British viceroy built a Tea House, which still popular as in past. There are many places we have to visit and want to experience the beauty of nature and to know history of our Motherland. And also get the experience of Tradition of the people living there.

Now I can give info briefly of most visiting tourist places near  around the  Mcleodganj.


Basically Triund is a hill station. Mostly everyone can visit this place for Adventuring , Family camping ,and mainly for Trekking ridges . Due to cool climate at Triund , people mostly prefers the Trek , it becomes so joyfull  with some soft drinks and  spicy food .For photography, Many views we can observe here .You can go small picnics atop of the hill . Gallu Devi Temple , a historical temple also appeared here to visit in Triund.


St.John’s church was built in the style of neo- Gothic. This church constructed in 1852 for John the Baptist. The church was destroyed in 1905 by an earthquake and rebuilt in 1915 with adding a new bell. This church overlooks a graveyard , and also here Lord Elgin gravestone is present. This church describes the History of those days, people commitment towards  Religion, Architecture of the church , surroundings Nature. This church is fully surrounded with greenery. We will find this church on the route of Forsythe Ganj.


This water falls can attract the people who wants Adventuring in water, Nature lovers, and Photography  people. This Water falls are a height of 500 meters. Tourists  can go for trips here in rocky places for getting  most thrilling experiences of beautiful falls. And you may feel to good by the sounds of water and greenery of surroundings. Bhagsu water fall is the Bagsunath Temple. This temple is a  victim for the history Medieval sculptures and pretty curvings. Near this water fall we can also able to visit Shiva Café.


This village community is built for the Orphans and Refugees those belongs to Tibet. Here to this people ,the community provides Tibetian Education. Aa a tourist , you can feel surprise about the way of schooling here. You can volunteer here to students along with teachers at this village. And here you can shop at TCV Handicrafts for your wished things.


Dharamshala mainly rich in the Tibetian culture, for this reason only most of tourists are visiting this place for culture. Dharamshala located at the vicinity of Mvleodganj. Also here tourists visits the Kangra Forty which located in valley of Kangra. Thus, People can know the history of this valley through the people living here. We have many places like Kareri Lake, Namgyal Monastery, Masrur rock cut temples in Dharamshala to visit.


This Temple mainly explore the Tibetian Culture, Pilgrimage and its History. Tsug  La Khang temple is also known as Dalai Lama’s temple. This temple is the home of famous Namgyal monastery and Shrine houses like Golden statue of Buddha , and many more .You will find here many Monks, Lamas, Nuns and  more .Entire year the temple is covered with tourists . Near to this temple, You will find the temple Kalachakra Temple and Tibetian Museum.


Tibetian Museum shares the knowledge of about Tibetian Culture and its History. This museum located just close to Dalai Lama’s temple. Here tourists have a chance to see movie screenings of normal cost 10/-. But this museum has working timings that based on seasons. Finally, In this museum you can get many memories of history and its culture.


Dharamkot is a small village. From this village ,You can able to see stunning and superb views of Dhauladar Range. This village mostly best place for the Yoga and Meditation people .Some best meditation and yoga centres are Tushita Retreat Centre and Vipassana Meditation Centre. From this village you can take Trek to Inder Pass. This village  can be give a peaceful life those who need  a  break from busy life.


It is Monastery that locates far to the Mcleodganj, so few people know about it. It was built in the year of 1987 to replace the original Tse Chokling Gompa was destructed in Tibet by Chinese during Cultural Revolution. It has great shrines of Buddha like Sakyamuni ,Which is very important monastery  Tibetians for praying. Some restaurants are to special here, which can shines the Tibetian culture era in food also. And newly built Temple Chorten is a place now to visit here.


This Institute is a perfect place to Arts lovers . Tibetian Institute of Performing Arts is good place to expose the Culture and Arts to the world. Here regularly the performing groups gives performances of Tibetian Music, Dances, and Arts. Institute contains a museum , That provides a lot information of Folk heritage of Tibetians. Here many shops are available to explore their tradition and culture through handicrafts and more .

Other major visiting places around the Mcleodganj city are GUu-Chu-Sum Movement Gallery, Central Tibetian Secretariat, Sunset Point, Nechung Monastery, Men-Tsee-Khang, etc..

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