Top Five Temples To Visit In Delhi

We know India for its spirituality and devotion. Whenever and wherever we travel, we often search for famous local temples. Here, we come across some fantastic local temples in the most renowned city in India.

Sri Kilkari Baba Bhaironath Ji Pandav Kalin Mandir

We frequently see priests from other denominations giving sacramental wine to the Holy God in preparation for the Eucharist on this auspicious day. However, we seldom come across a Hindu temple that follows the same tradition. Sri Kilkari Baba Bhaironath Mandir is in the rear of the Purana Qila (Old Fort) in Pragati Maidan. Worshippers may give alcohol to the Lord here. This shrine is said to have been erected by the Pandavas. Bheem, the second Pandava, achieved siddhi here, as this deity is considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The Doodhiya Bhairav Temple, where devotees bring milk to the shrine, and the Kilkari Bhairav Temple, where devotees donate alcohol to the shrine, are the two wings of the temple. Bhaironath, the Hindu god, has eight incarnations, according to Hindu mythology. It is regarded as one of the most important cultural assets of the nation’s capital.

Ladakh Buddhist Vihara

Seldomly, people in glamorous cities crave serenity. Ladakh Buddhist Vihara in Delhi is a source of salvation in the chaos. This is a stream of Tibetans in the capital city of India, a Buddhist temple is evidence of secularism. You will find a giant shrine of Lord Buddha inside the monastery. It’s a delight for the bookworms, history lovers and believers of omnism. There is a library inside the Vihara. This temple in Delhi is a must-visit not only because of its interior but also because of its markets with amazing things to buy and for some new Tibetian food.

Arya Samaj Temple

In Janakpuri, this is a famous monotheistic temple near the banks of Yamuna. Commonly, temples are a place of worship, but the interesting fact about this temple is that it is famous for its marriages. People often exchange vows and get married in this temple, making this one of the most notable temples of the city. It helps many people to start their lifelong journey of togetherness. It also rejects the idea of communalism, religion, caste, and idol worship. To experience a new modern set of beliefs and to witness different marriages, visiting this temple would be a splendid idea.

Sai Baba Temple

Devoted to the most famous and humble spiritual leader, Sai Baba Temple is on Lodhi Road. This is one of the oldest temples of Dil Walon ki Delhi. The aura of this temple is serene and magical. A local brief state about many devotees feeling the divine presence of Baba since the time they built the temple. The temple has a big idol of Sai Baba that sits in the main hall and admirers offer garlands and chaadar over there. We can see here a large population on thursday.

Swaminarayan Akshardham

This is a place of worship, a reflection of the grandeur, and a tribute to royalty. It’s a delight for architects. But it’s known for its Sahaj Anand water show. It pays homage to Swaminarayan Ji. Etched with utmost perfection; the temple is only closed on Monday post the covid-19. It gives a glimpse of the mélange of the rich Indian culture. This is the most famous temple in Delhi. Tourists visit here and experience the beauty on a large scale. The Akshardham Mandir alone is 141-foot high, spans 316-foot wide, and extends 356-foot long. They inaugurated it sixteen years back and is an abode of God on the banks of Yamuna.

– Aayushi Sharma

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