Top 7 Greatest Technology Books of All Time

As we all know technology is everywhere right now, we use the internet, email different types of communicators like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc, as time moving forward our technology is becoming advance, in this topic, we are going to know about a few techs books which is the best of all time.

Here are some phrases and representations.

  1. The future is faster than you think:- In this book, the author has described humans future in a very modest way, they discussed technology and their aspects like how a computer, internet and social media has entirely changed our vitality, the secret of about today’s technological growth and its breathtaking speed is conversion. On the other side, they explained about smart automatic cars, after ten years the technology will become so much advance which will obsolete the profession of the driver and the car insurance companies. Electronic drowns, choppers, and smarts rockets are being developed, smart rockets are being created by SpaceX company which can travel 17500miles per hour. All over they tried to describe that the technology not only creates opportunity but its flip side it overtakes the faculty.
  1. Humanocracy:-In this book they tried to think us to kill bureaucracy, “bureaucracy” this word has firstly confessed by German sociologist max weber, further, their neighbour countries had wielded this word. Every organisation especially in the government sector employees works are divided into distinct categories, which is handled by special headquarters. They divided it into a simple illustration the topmost is a supreme which gives us orders, a little down there is a domain of nobles and nobles handles the knights and vassals then very little down merchants and farmers take place and this is happening for a long period, organizations became large and the difficulties also took place.
  2. Post-corona:-In this book mentioned that how the corona pandemic impacted our daily being, the unemployment rate in leisure and hospitality 39%, wholesale and retail trade 17%, education and health services 11%, government workers 9%, formation 17% and other industries 23%. On the other hand, there is a good impact that happened on several enterprises which are like most of the enterprises have shifted towards digital, the seminars got the new name “webinar”, every industrial meeting is happening till now, that modification the author tried to tell us.
  3. Sapiens:- This book is about the human history that how they evolved, about a 2.5million years ago homo sapiens evolved and along with homo neanderthals, homo erectors, homo soloists and several species had grown, in present time only homo sapiens species are dominating the whole world. The author has informed us about how the homo sapiens became the king of the food chain, how their thinking power developed by not eating raw meat, their development of sociabilities by hunting more powerful animals, how they travelled from here to there, their farming of different crops.
  4. Steve jobs:- This has written by Walter Isaacson, it is the best biography which we always find for, we will learn from their struggle about Mr Steve jobs, how his mind works since childhood, his imaginative, productive and creative mind, in his struggling faze he ate food in the Iscon temple, this Buddhism practice, 7months travel in India. He sold his expensive car his partner sold his typewriter to stabilising his company, but in 1981a cup over happened record-breaking by launching IPO, this is very few things we knew about Steve jobs rest of the things are written in the tech book.
  5. Elon Musk:- Elon Musk is the biggest for youths, he taught if a man uses his full potential for some innovation and creation then what entities he can do, in this book the author tried to explained and motivated us, Elon Musk is a man is the owner of SpaceX company who made it possible for civilians to travel in space, three times their projects had dismissed but he never loses hope, there is the best package of motivation, learnings we can get from this book.
  6. Zero to one:- This book is written by Peter Thiel, it is like a startup guide for the upcoming entrepreneurs, how to build a startup and how to build our future.


Several books are very inspirational in their path, we can learn from their experience and mistakes so in life always we should learn something whenever we are free we should do some additional activities because once a leviathan has been told “when we work never glance at the clock and when we sit free just look at the clock”

-Tarun Kumar.

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