Top 5 Ways to Overcome Smart Phone Addiction

Over the years everyone is going crazy over mobile phones, making great popularity and fan following. Mobile Phones have made a major impact on people. The majority of the population is powered by a cellular phone that has completed our lives. It certainly looks like we all cannot do anything without it, which is true because we indeed need mobile phones for many things, especially in the last few years. Before mobile phones were considered to be a luxury but now it’s a necessity. Mobile phones help up and make things easy and convenient in many ways. They have evolved greatly over the years, now there are lots of models with different features. The market is also putting efforts to keep the craze going. They are keen on making people enjoy the joy of using a mobile phone at reasonable prices only. Smartphones are amazing it keeps you on the hook, updated to every news going around, helps when booking tickets, watching shows, and what not. Mobile phone is a boon and a curse. Nowadays, people overuse mobile phones by doing nothing but just scrolling on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and you just keep and keep going through it all day. It is like a loop. We obsessively check our phones every second. Some statistics states that the cell phone users touches his or her phone for more than 5 to 7 thousand times, checks the phone 57 to 60 times and spend almost three hours and 15 minutes a day on their phones respectively. Smartphone addiction is a real thing. Now the thing is not all user uses their smart phones for nothing but rather they do some productive work with the help of it but again on the other side, some people are addicted to it. The impact of using smaphones are staggering. Mobile phones are good, not to miss the ironic fact that you are probably reading this article on your mobile phones but we all know that they also have the potential to become a negative influence in our life. To get over this addiction and reclaim your place in the real world, here are some amazing and helpful ideas that will help you if you follow these ideas thoroughly.

  1. Set your phone aside on a particular day – This is the most common and effective way. You can approach this way to suppress the cell phone habit. Choose one day each week (of your choice) and set your phone raised on that particular day. This will help you in maintaining the habit of not using your phones daily. You will have the urge to go through your phones once and maybe you will look on the starting days but will get habituated to it.
  2. Don’t keep your phone near your bed – It’s high time, stop doing it. Don’t keep your phone in your bed while sleeping, charging, or doing any other work. It gives negative effects to your health, the blue light passing from the phones messes with your sleep hormones. So kick it out of your bed in order to stay healthy and positive.
  3. Take distracting apps off your home screen – We check from Facebook to Instagram to again going back on Facebook, it is a never ending cycle. We think we are missing things out but in reality it just is a habit of using our phone over and over again. So to keep this in check take some apps off your home screen and keep the ones that encourage you to do something productive and informative such as online books, new language, and online courses, etc. Shift all those apps to somewhere at the end or bottom but not on the first home screen or any folder. If you want you can even uninstall your apps or hide them to make to take your mind off them. You can even turn off your notifications so that you don’t keep on checking your phone at each second.
  4. Limit your charging – Charge your phone one time a day. See how much you can control yourself and not use your phone. Keep it a moto. Charge your phone once and try to use it a whole day in this way you will get accustomed to using your phone less and less, it is also a good way to see on what unnecessary amount of time you spend or waste your battery on it. Improve your self-control, challenge yourself that you can do it.
  5. Set time to use your phone – keep a schedule. For example, if you have some work or you are a student and you need to study, then study and set a goal to use your phone after that work only. It will help you gain your concentration back too. In this way you will not only complete your work but also spend some limited time on your phones too.

Hope this helps you!!

-Shivani Sharma

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