Top 5 Fitness Apps, to Get You Fit

Being fit and healthy is what people seek nowadays, especially during this pandemic time where you are stuck at your home doing work, eating, sleeping, and the cycle repeats. But fitness doesn’t come in handy you need to be consistent and discipline in order to stick with the routine to actually get fit and healthy. People need to stay fit for different reasons such as health issue or even for their own sake working out on your own can sometimes for all the time be a real struggle.

Technology has made it quite easy as every possible thing can be done on this. In 2021 the line between digital fitness and the real world is non-existent. One can use their phone or tablet and can download various amazing health and workout apps to stay fit despite the lockdown. The absence of a gym workout at any other outdoor activities can be sufficed if you choose to workout on your own. Here are some top 5 amazing fitness apps which will help you in reaching your determined goal.

My Fitness pal

 It is a smartphone app and website that has been on the top of the charts for a while. It earned nods from top publishers for its seemingly vast abilities. It’s a fitness app for someone who wants it all.  It was released in 2005 and was founded by Albert Lee and Mike Lee and you can operate this on Android or iOS. My fitness pal had over 80 plus million users at the time in May 2015. It also introduced the premium subscription to it iterates 4.6 stars on an Android.

Thirty Days Fitness Challenge

As you can recognize by the name, this app makes it possible to get in shape. Just Choose a month to get fit and get the body you’ve always dreamt of with a  comprehensive and customizable workout plan. This app is perfect for people with limited free time as it comes with a feature of a personal trainer which is available anytime and that can adjust the workout according to your needs. By following the provided daily routine, you’ll soon notice a good change in your fitness level.

But that’s not it, the main aim of the app is to help you create a daily routine and maintain a level of fitness so that you can face anything. Once you begin with your exercise, it can automatically track your progress and remind you each day when it’s time to exercise. Not only that, this app provides a video guide to help you perform the workout correctly as well as you can modify the intensity and adjust the challenges to your current fitness level. Give this app a try and get fit in just 30 days!

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy was launched on July 16, 2011 as Azumio’s first fitness application. The app aims to serve as a mobile fitness coach through built-in training programs, step-by-step videos, audio instruction cues and motivational guidance. Fitness Buddy is like a virtual personal trainer with hundreds of workouts to tackle at home. In addition to that, it comes with a feature of nutritionist also which provides personalized meal plans and recipes.

It has a feature of exercise library which contains 1700 exercises, instructional videos, animated workout photos and a custom workout builder. With progressive workout plans, this is an ideal app for beginners or advanced lifters along with that all exercises feature clear instructions and videos. This app features Sonicast which allows users to wirelessly share workouts with each other and also supports iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone platforms.


Fitbit is a well-known app which comes with a MobileTrack feature which lets you use the Fitbit app without a Fitbit device by using your phone’s sensor to track basic activity data including steps, distance and calorie burned. In addition to activity tracking, you also have access to other app features such as food tracking, weight tracking, setting fitness goals, adding friends, friends leaderboard, cheering and messaging friends. The main mission of the app is to empower and inspire you to live a healthier and more active life by designing a product that fits seamlessly into the user’s life so they can achieve their health and fitness goals, or whatever they may be.


Runkeeper was launched in 2008 as a GPS fitness tracking app for Android and iOS. It was acquired by ASICS in 2016. Using the device’s GPS sensor, Runkeeper tracks fitness activities such as walking, running and cycling. Once an activity is completed, Runkeeper provides basic statistics of that activity along with a periodical challenge which require completing defined workout within the specified time limit. For support and motivation use the in-app challenges to stay motivated and participate in virtual running groups. The app also offers Runkeeper Go which provides more detailed statistics of the activity, performance, comparison and training plans.

-Shivani Sharma

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