Top 3 Ways to Be a Role Model

“Role model” is this word we have heard since our school days, usually in our surroundings, our friend circle, or in our academic places people ask us about our role model or what we want to become in life, and most of the time without thinking for a bit we take our parent’s name or some celebrities name, generally we become so spellbound.

A role model is a very sensitive topic and in this topic, we will discuss how to choose a role model and its features.

Here are the top 3 ways to be a role model

  1. If we choose the right role model in life, our focus will become so Centric, and our life is running speed will transform automatically into another level. Two types of role models exist 1st is a real role model and 2nd is a virtual role model. A real role model is those who are not in our reach but we want to be like them, and virtual role models are those who are in our surroundings or we can talk and spend time with them and bring on their quality into us.
  2. We all should follow some directions, take a plain paper and write our long-term goal of what we want to become in life form example, a businessman like Dheru Bhai Ambani, cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, or ITs like Bill Gates, etc. Once the long term vision will become evident then the next step would be to write the missing quality in life, for example, if the communication and managing are weak, having negative behaviour, having an expectation very much, in short write down your every weakness that you have on that sheet, next step is to write that person name who will help you out for overcoming your weakness, for 6months or 8months.
  3. To overcome our weaknesses and to develop ourselves, we have to reach out to some professionals who can guide us for few months, we have to make an 8to 9 people list who will counsel us for upcoming days.

On the other side, from time to time we can change our virtual role model, there comes a time when we understand as much as we wanted to learn we obtained and crossed the sustainable level, now it’s time to change our virtual role model and have to shift from an even then a better person. Thus, there will arrive a moment when we will also become like a real role model, we have to upgrade ourselves for the completion of the end vision, then we have to commit with ourselves and this will be our moral responsibility unless we do not achieve that level.


Following these simple and easy steps, we can also become real role models and make our life like a professional. Put people on the supporting edge because once Charles Fowler said “the best teachers of humanity are the lives of great men.” Try to give proper knowledge to people who have a desire, also no one is perfect on their life the fact is time to time we have to overcome that weakness and improve our self-esteem.

Several people think that they alone can do everything but the truth is our surrounding people directly or indirectly contribute a little to us.

Tarun Kumar

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