Top 10 Life Lessons You Should Learn From Mahabharata

The Mahabharta is written by Vyasa. It is a Great Epic of Hindu mythology it refers to Krishna as the conch-blowing city-builder, warrior, leader, philosopher, statesman, and charioteer covered with the grime of war. The Mahabharata took place at Kurukshetra when Draupadi was gambled away by her five husbands (Yudhishthira, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul, Sehdev) in front of Kauravas one of the slaves dragged Draupadi by her hai to the gambling hall and disobeyed her in public. She demands Justice appeals to decency but no one comes to her.

The spirit of Dharma is forgotten, everyone hides behind the letter of law as I scream in horror and raises her arm in utter helplessness. This is when Krishna reveals his divinity. He promises to rid the earth of such unrighteous kings. He promises to wipe her tears with their(Kauravas) blood. It was the historical war where the counting of dead peoples was countless, but with this war, Lord Krishna explained the most important chapters of life which are related from birth to death and, the interval between it Mahabharata tells us a brief reality and unknown truth to us.

Mahabharta Helps to Build Moral Values

As the world is growing so fastly with high technologies everything is becoming so simple and so easy with the various new ways, but with this development, one thing is decreasing that is Ethical values the people are becoming less moral day by day because they don’t have proper knowledge of ethical and moral values. The Moral values from Mahabharta in life give the way to the bright future the future which is full of good deeds and karma.

Everyone is living life but living life with kindness, morality is something different and good. Moral values are something which should come in proper time because these values are going to lead the life. In the era of Kali-yuga youth are often more open to new ideas. However but they are experiencing the slow degradation of moral values with time they do not hesitate to practice immortal values. But if the youth have a piece of proper knowledge and experience of values then they will surely think before doing bad.

Ethical Values and Experience Along With Lessons Help Us to Build Moral Values and Resolving Challenges. Some Lessons We Should Know From Mahabharta Are

  • If you work hard then you don’t think about the fruit of it, if you honestly worked hard then surely you will get the result without any hurdle.
  • Nothing will remain with you after death because you took birth with an empty hand and will leave earth with an empty hand.
  • Man is made by his belief, you become what you believe.
  • A person can rise through the efforts of his mind, or draw himself down in the same manner because each person is his friend and enemy
  • Whatever happened, whatever is happening and what will happen is just happening for good.
  • Change is the law of the universe.
  • Pleasures such as lust, anger, and greed are the gates to self-destructive hell.
  • Human life is full of Battles so never shriek in fear. Knowledge is very important.
  • Everyone has to face the result of Karma whether it’s good or bad.
  • Never regret over past, just learn lessons from the past try to rectify the previous mistakes.

Thus, these are the basic and important lessons from Mahabharta which make us learn the living rules of life these lessons are a way to solving diplomatic situations.


Mahabharta concludes with the lessons like the person could not live with ego surely one day it will break like Kauravas. Always remain the same, face condition with the min, not with hands. Always believe in yourself. Do good, good will come to you. With these chapters of Mahabharata, a man can easily sort his problems with kindness and purity.

-Mahima sahu

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