Methods to Analyze How Jammer Works?

‘Jammer’, the word itself shows that the jammers are used to intrude with signals. We can also say that jammers give growth to an intrusive signal by blocking the users through highly centralized energy signals. These jammers restrict the heavy use of the signals. Jammers can be used in both favourable and unfavourable ways. It can commonly and is widely used to safeguard an individual or organization against hacking, or else it can also be used to demilitarize a wireless security system.

Jammers are widely used everywhere in today’s life. Beneath it is indicated that how jammer works in different parts of our day-to-day life.

Electronic Jammers

These jammers are the form of electronic warfare where jammers are used to intervene with signals of the enemies radar. The massive energy signals obstruct the users not to use the gadgets. In an electronics jamming system, there are two major techniques, namely, noise techniques and repeated techniques which are mostly operated in jamming the enemies sight. Electronic jamming works by disseminating additional radio signals towards enemy receivers, which makes it troublesome to catch a glimpse of real target signals or take benefit of known behaviors of automated networks.

Mobile Jammers

These jammers are used in our day-to-day life generating difficulties in the usage of mobile phones so that they could not be connected with another cell phone. It is a gadget, also known as a blocker, which radiates radio frequencies to prohibit the use of cell phones. When the mobile jammers are turned on, it will show that there is no network and incoming calls are hindered as if the mobiles were off. And ofter the jammers are turned off, the mobile phones will resume and can be used again with full signal.

GPS Jammer

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and this system works by attaching to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. The GPS jammer radiates some radio signals which are as same as the frequency of the GPS device which overrides the signals emitted by the satellite. This jammer is incapable to track the GPS device and specify its exact location because the scrambler is hindering its signal. GPS jammers are unlawful to use but despite this GPS jammers are widely attainable and are often inexpensive.

Wi-Fi Jammer

 WiFi jammers block the signals that disseminate arranged radio waves at the same frequency as used in cell phone devices or to blur the signal. There is a commotion to block a WiFi connecting device, precluding the society with WiFi-enabled equipment from connecting to a 3G, 4G, GPRS, or cordless WiFi network which prohibits the usage of WiFi networks. WiFi jammers are widely used in parks, colleges, theatres, etc. which blur the signal of the users.

Radio Frequency Jammer

It is also significant to understand Radio Frequency (RF) jamming systems. RF jamming system is an equipment which blocks the communication of signals by using the jamming system. It works by creating a rush in the form of interference at the same frequency range that is used by the telephone. By the use of this jammer the users faces a failure of the signal at a high range. The RF jamming equipment can be utilized in any location, but it is widely used in places where the users may be disruptive.


Although these jammers are unpreferable but are important for people. It restricts the practice of signals by jamming the systems. But the excess use of jammers is also not predictable by society. It can be destructive because many times the hackers also use jammers to hack personal or official details. Therefore, there should be limited use of jammers.

-Purnima Singh

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