How to balance professional and personal life?

In this 21st Century, it is difficult for a person to find a balance between Professional and Personal life. A person has to manage different relationships that would affect a lot on balancing work life and personal life. The present scenario where people have to work and look after their family leads to a situation called Work-Family Conflict. It refers to pressures from professional and personal spheres, which are incompatible with each other, making it difficult to meet the goals of both domains.

“All Work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy”. This saying is truly apt to the current generation where everyone is running in a race in order to get success, fame, money all at once. People are pushing themselves out of their comfort zones to get the things they want. That was fantastic. But have you ever thought that we are living the life we want? Are we sparing time for family, parents, Friends and especially to ourselves? The answer is definitely a big “NO”. So, Let us look at some tips where you could balance your professional and personal life.

Tips to balance professional and personal life

  1. Establishing Boundaries: It the most important for every person to set certain boundaries between their personal and professional lives. In recent times, everyone and everything has become easy to access with the development of technology. When you spend time around your friends and family, you attend phone calls of your work and reply to the emails. So, it is important to turn off your cell phone in your personal space. Stop thinking about your work and enjoy your precious time with your dear ones. Without setting up a clear boundary between your home and office, it may be difficult to transition from your professional life to your personal life. To overcome this issue, you need a distinctive work zone or domain.
  2. Setting and Distinguishing your Goals: Setting goals is important to everybody’s lives and helps us to decide how we use our time. Some goals may be concrete and more specific, like a professional and career goals. But other goals are more likely to be abstract, relational, and general goals. For example, we may work hard to make supporting relationships with friends, inculcating an in-depth understanding of ourselves. After setting both professional and personal goals, we have to choose to put some goals on hold, basically which are least important in your list. After achieving the important goals, work on the other goals as well. So setting and distinguishing your goals will help you achieve a proper balance in both professional and personal life.
  3. Make your priorities: If you want to successfully strike a balance between professional and personal, then you need to understand where your priorities lie. Therefore, when you face an urgent circumstance, then you aren’t conflicted about what is most important to you. Create a list of the most important things in your life. You will definitely include things like family, relationships, and work. You can also include other activities like volunteering, staying active, maintaining a social circle, or other passions. Now rank your priorities, starting from the most important to the least. Your rankings will show where your priorities lie. This way you can inculcate these into your daily and weekly schedules.
  4. Prepare a schedule and manage your time: After making priorities, prepare a schedule according to those priorities in order to maintain a balance between both aspects of life. When you spend all of your time at work or most of your free time doing one activity, it’s hard to maintain balance in all domains of your life. A schedule can help you balance your time in various areas that are important to you. Maintaining a schedule can help you accomplish goals and create balance in how you spend your time. For example, write a timetable based on your preferences each week. You may work for a certain set of hours each day and week. You can spend your rest of the time with family, friends, and meaningful activities. Think about what activities you have to do, enjoy doing, and want to do. Then, according to your priorities, rank these activities and then schedule an appropriate time slot for each activity.
  5. Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle: Many surveys tell that people lack a healthy lifestyle because of an imbalance in their work sphere. This may lead to stress and health issues. So, in order to have a healthy lifestyle, you need to make time for activities that you enjoy. Hobbies fulfill your life with meaning. Create time for your hobbies in your schedule during your week to engage in your hobby. It is very important to make time in your busy life for the people you care for. They can lower your stress levels and make sure you are in the right space. Do exercise in order to have good physical and mental health. So, one has to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves to have a balance between work and personal domains.

Benefits of balancing personal and professional life

-Personal life benefits

  1. Improving relationships with your family and friends.
  2. Good physical and mental health.
  3. More time to spend with your loved ones or for yourself.

– Professional life benefits

  1. We achieve more Productive work, leading to significant career success.
  2. We would get more fulfillment and satisfaction
  3. We feel more energized and relaxed.


To conclude, nothing is impossible to anyone as long as he or she gets accomplished. So, maintaining a perfect balance between personal and professional life is very much important to any person in order to have a balanced lifestyle.

Naga Sai Deepak

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