How Does Google Pay Earn Money?

Some applications like Google pay, phone pay, BHIM pay transfer the money through UPI(unified payment interface), it helps us to transfer the funds, process payments, recharges with the help of UPI, this is free of cost with no translation charge nothing because of NPCI(National payment corporation of India) NPCI have developed the UPI, also those applications give us the scratch card or cash backs, google pay application is developed by Google, and it has launched on September 11, 2015.

In this topic, we will discuss how google pay makes money.

  1. Google owns google pay which is one of the most trusted digital wallet and payment applications, Google pays usually act as a payment gateway and earns a small commission if the payment gets successful. On the other hand, google pay always run some contests over their app, this is a strategy to grab more consumers and they are trying to expand their visit hour of customers on their website.
  1. We see online shopping applications like Amazon or Flipkart when we do online shopping and lastly we go through the check court, every individual switch to the payment gateway, here we get the payment option like google pay, phone pay, Paytm if there is an option of google pay we majorly choose google pay for payment.
  1. In the previous point we talked about why in the majority of cases we choose Google to pay for payment, this is because Google pay gives cashback also their main focus is to expand their customers and users worldwide.
  1. Google pay earns money by functioning a payment gateway, for each transaction And doing so gets full compensation, one more point we can see is that in Google pay we can pay any bills for example phone bills, electricity bills, water bills, etc from here also company gets a small commission if the transition gets successful.
  1. Google earns a huge profit by their advertisement so as Google pay, the next method from which google pay earn money is collecting data, for example, user shops by online websites use their application and many people operate google pay daily for many times, with this they collect a huge data and earn up money, Google pays the main source of income is an advertisement or in any online platform advertising is the main income.
  1. When we open the google pay application we come to see that many companies like ola, uber, airtel, jio exist on their application, we can order food from them, book cabs from their application, from this google pay, get some percent of commission in the payment process it could be on 50payse or 1rupee from each consumer.


There are many applications for online payment processing but why do we trust Google pay because of its safety and security justifications, google pay security is very tight no malware attacks can happen neither hackers can hack their System of Google pay or any Google related applications, google pay briefs the payment history, always have offers and reward sections.

-Tarun Kumar

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