What you need to know before you buy Dogecoin Or Bitcoin

Crypto currency

As tempting as it may seem. Wait and read this before you buy first crypto coin. I know Dogecoin is the hip kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean it’s an excellent investment. The creators of Dogecoin still don’t take it seriously and still consider it a meme coin, and before you go all “but Elon freaking musk” has been rallying behind it.

Is Whatsapp end to end encrypted?

Is Whatsapp End To End Encrypted?

WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging service. WhatsApp is a messaging platform, which is also an alternative to SMS. In WhatsApp messages are encrypted. This means the chat is encrypted though it is moving from one device to another device. Encryption is done by using an algorithm that transforms data into random text with no meaning. Thereby, this encrypted data is secured by an encryption key, encryption key functions as unlocking the coded data.

How Self Driving Car Works

How Self Driving Car Works

Self-driving cars collects the data around the surroundings by their various sensors and create a map of their surroundings. Software’s then process all the inputs from the sensor and sends instruction to the car on controlling acceleration, braking and steering. More complex codes and algorithms help the car drive safely and avoid obstacles.