Top 10 podcasts in 2021 you must listen

Top 10 podcasts of 2021 you must listen

Getting through the day seems a hard task for many in this pandemic, so we need to keep our bodies, spirits and mind engaged. Over time we have been trying out various mediums to binge on and to keep us company, and also there are many ways introduced to us. One such way is a podcast that has come to occupy a unique area of real estate within the media realm

Top 10 Things You won't Live Without

Top 10 Things You won’t Live Without

In the 21st Century, necessities are the most important need in our lives and that we cannot live without. A necessity is something that is absolutely needed. We all surround ourselves with too many possessions, but we can’t get rid of most of them? We’re always learning new things about ourselves and coming to new realizations about our multifaceted lives.

What are the top 10 ways to improve morning routine

What are the top 10 ways to improve morning routine?

A Good Morning routine sets the mood for the rest of the day. It basically sets the productivity tone. In fact, a good morning routine that leads to productivity is a science that you can implement in your life. It keeps you active throughout the day. What is a good morning routine? The answer is no one can tell you what makes the best morning routine for you but you. It is because everyone is different with preferences, styles, and biological terms.


How to balance professional and personal life?

In this 21st Century, it is difficult for a person to find a balance between Professional and Personal life. A person has to manage different relationships that would affect a lot on balancing work life and personal life. The present scenario where people have to work and look after their family leads to a situation called Work-Family Conflict. It refers to pressures from professional and personal spheres, which are incompatible with each other, making it difficult to meet the goals of both domains.