5 Hidden Treasures In India You Must Know

5 hidden trasures you must know

Treasure is a collection of a huge amount of wealth like diamonds, gold, rubies, money and other precious things that’s mysterious or hidden or unknown. Known for its hidden treasures earlier, India was also called ‘sone ki chidiya’ or the golden bird. That’s the reason why the Portuguese, Dutch and the East India company wanted to set their feet on this place ages back. Even today there is much hidden wealth in India. Let us know about some of them.

TOP 5 Historical Places To Visit In India

TOP 5 Historical Places To Visit In India

India is famous for its great culture and beautiful history. But what adds more to its beauty is its ancient architecture. People from all around the Globe visit India not only to enjoy its ambience but also to record the stunning ancient sites of the country. Here, we will look at some impeccable historical sites of the nation that left a deep impact on the pages of the history and hearts of the people.

Top 5 Kingdoms In India

Top 5 Kingdoms In India

Rulers like Samudragupta, Asoka, Jalalludin Akbar and Maharaja Shivaji inspire even today. But what made them so different and powerful from others? What inspired them to bring revolution during their reign? It was the name, honour and legacy of their empires. All these heroes belonged to different dynasties and these dynasties ruled during different times. Here, we will look at the top dynasties that ruled the South Asian subcontinent.

How Modern Lifestyle Impacting Health

Millions of people follow an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, they encounter illness, disability and even death. An unhealthy lifestyle often causes problems like metabolic diseases, joint and skeletal. Lifestyle diseases are diseases mostly caused by the way people live, and these diseases are non-communicable.

Is Whatsapp end to end encrypted?

Is Whatsapp End To End Encrypted?

WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging service. WhatsApp is a messaging platform, which is also an alternative to SMS. In WhatsApp messages are encrypted. This means the chat is encrypted though it is moving from one device to another device. Encryption is done by using an algorithm that transforms data into random text with no meaning. Thereby, this encrypted data is secured by an encryption key, encryption key functions as unlocking the coded data.